Thursday, 1 May 2008

Caesarean Delivery May Be an Independent Risk Factor for Stroke

According to a study reported in the April issue of the American Journal of Obstetrics & Gynecology, caesarean delivery is an independent risk factor for stroke, says UrBod Nutritionist Melody Mackeown, who specialises in pre-conceptual care, fertility and pregnancy according to the results of a nationwide, population-based study in Taiwan. This is backed up by the World Health Organization, who state that the risk for postpartum death for caesarean deliveries can be up to 3.6 times higher compared conventional vaginal deliveries.

The researchers state that caesarean section delivery has been associated with a significant increase in maternal death from cardiac arrest, complications from anesthesia, puerperal infection (a bacterial infection following childbirth) and venous thromboembolism. Indeed, stroke has been singled out as a crucial cause of maternal morbidity and death during pregnancy and the first six weeks following birth.

While emergency caesarean sections are necessary when the health of the mother or baby is at risk, the results of this study indicate that mothers should think twice about having an elected caesarean, says UrBod Nutritionist Melody Mackeown.

One of the biggest risk factors for having a caesarean is being overweight prior to or during your pregnancy, says UrBod Nutritionist Melody Mackeown. Addressing your weight prior to becoming pregnant and not putting on too much weight during your pregnancy will therefore reduce the likelihood of having a caesarean section. Exercise and keeping fit may also reduce the risk of a caesarean section.

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